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Blackjack Optimal basic Strategies

blackjack basic strategiesFor every set of blackjack rules in a particular casino, there is an optimal blackjack strategy that would tell you what to do if you have particular hand provided that you see the dealer’s upper card. It is strongly recommended that you play by this strategy in any case to maximize your winging chances in long run

Remember, if you deviate from optimal basic strategy at all - because of hunches, fear, intuition, bad experi­ences, or simply having the wrong basic strategy table for the game you are playing - you will significantly increase your expected losses at the blackjack odds table.

Choose the blackjack rules:
Dealer Stands on Soft 17
Dealer Hits Soft 17
Double Any 2 Cards
Double 9,10,11 Only
Double 10,11 Only
Double After Split Allowed
No Double After Split
No Surrender
Late Surrender
Early Surrender
Dealer peeks (US style)
No peek (European style)

Other blackjack strategies:
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